Alloy Sol Flux

Supply Stock Code: SW-ASF1

The only color-changing flux in the industry that cleans and decontaminates the repair area. The flux changes color when it reaches the right temperature to apply the rod, preventing overheating of the aluminum. Paired with Alloy Sol Rods, you will already have a head start on a fast, strong, easy aluminum repair.

SolderWeld is the industry leader in Aluminum repair.
Whether repairing A/C lines, Aluminum Coils, or anything aluminum for that matter, with a melting temperature of just 600º, this rod flows at half the melting temp of Aluminum and provides a repair at 30,000 PSI welding pressure.

The Flux decontaminates the aluminum repair area so there is no need for pre-cleaning and it even works through painted surfaces and greasy areas!

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